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– Dreaming that the ANGEL OR PERHAPS A GOOD BEING BECOMES IN A DEMON means our reasoning is changing for the even worse. But then, means that our thinking is changing for the better if we dream that a demon becomes in an angel or a good Being.


    Dreaming that SOMEONE WE ALL KNOW Ca BECOME AN ANIMAL, (for as long we know), which advises us not to listen gossip as it is not an eagle, feathered serpent or macaw) means that people will be envious to try to end that friendship (The friendship with this someone.

As it is not an eagle, feathered serpent or macaw) the dream tells us we’re becoming less civilized or we’re starting to experience a lack of limits if you dream that WE TRANSFORM IN AN ANIMAL, (As long. It may mean: Repressed intimate impulses, in which particular case the fantasy has consequently encouraged to cease repressing, since otherwise we go into trouble and even lose self-control.

That we BECOME AN EAGLE, FEATHERED SERPENT, MACAW means that we have reached a higher spiritual level if we dream. However if he becomes one of these brilliant pets is another individual, implies that see your face has now reached a greater level that is spiritual.

Dreaming that WOMEN BECOMES IN puppy means success as a result of our commitment as well as companionship. But whenever we see an acquaintance whom becomes dog, claims she(he) is just a faithful and we also can trust in she(he).

  • If a person dreams intensely about A pet WHO BECOMES A LADY, it indicates that some body attempted to end their relationships.
  • Above is a photo of a lady who was simply changed as a part that is being and component animal, and it is everything we call zoomorphism, that has the exact same meaning as though it absolutely was totally changed into an animal ( this is is zoomorphism same while the above).

    – If inside our fantasy we come across that the GODDESS BASTET BECOMES IN MANDRILL, informs us to be much more thoughtful rather than get overly enthusiastic sensuality that is too much our instincts.

    – When we see, CLOUDS BE IN YET ANOTHER THING implies that our means of seeing things when it comes to faith, is changing.

    – If inside our fantasy we come across an individual we have with that someone, what causes us concern that we KNOW WHO BECOMES IN A DOLL, means that people will try to end the friendship. This fantasy recommends us to disregard hearsay or gossip.

    – Dream that individuals are BOFFINS AND THEN WE TRANSFORM in somebody more youthful and black colored clothing with sunglasses, is, then we stop doing that, and all you accomplish is to hide a reprehensible conduct if at first we were trying to analyze things.

    – then she(he) becomes someone we know, means that our feelings are changing, so we is starting to like more the person she(he) becomes if you dream you kissed SOMEONE LIKE YOU, but.

    – whenever inside our goals, we see THINGS, THAT GET IN AHOTHER THINGS, ensures that our means of seeing things, or our reasoning is changing. In this situation it is vital to look for this is associated with thing, and just just just what, whenever it becomes to know where may be the improvement in our reasoning.

    Dreaming of the SUN TAKES THE TYPE OF A DRAGON, ensures that our reasoning is changing since there is a struggle that is internal our instincts and taboos so that you can free our heart. This fantasy recommended to find the reality beyond our instincts and taboos.

  • If we fancy BILLS (paper cash) TO TRANSFORMS TOWARDS BILL OF MORE WORTHINESS, implies that our company is changing our method of being, of savers to spenders, that will bring short-term financial problems. This fantasy suggests us to be saving and never investing significantly more than they need to.
  • – then we see that one of them BECOME IN BASTET, tells us that Bastet we have visited in dreams to tell us that our projects are well protected if in our dream we see a building with STATUES OF LIONS at the entrance and.

    – Dreaming to HIT AN ENEMY and therefore enemy to be struck BECOMES IN ROCK ensures that we now have a tremendously strong and enemy that is persistent. But then, means that we will defeat despite his strength and persistence if by becoming stone, it cracks or breaks sex mature.

    – If inside our fantasy we come across an ACQUAINTANCE that suddenly starts to BE IN AN UGLY LADY informs us that individuals should not trust see your face, as frequently practiced witchcraft and or distributing gossip or hearsay.

    – Dreaming of a negative WOLF whom becomes in a great wolf, informs us that some body near to us, in past times ended up being disloyal and treacherous and even though it appears to have changed their nature, suggests us never to trust us too.

    – To dream that someone allows you to ZOMBIE, means a person in your area, is attempt to split up you, from some body in actually or emotionally form.


    Replace the method we have been: – Dreaming to we change our way to be, or some body claims us some problems that you changed your way of being, means there is something related to our way of being that is causing.